We teach pastry chefs the science of
ingredients, processes, and products
in simple language
Why study pastry science?
Pastry is both craft and art. You gain experience, learn new skills, and experiment
You need pastry science to ask the right questions... Why are these specific ingredients used in the recipe? Why errors occur when ingredients are substituted? Why these particular steps are suggested in the recipe? Why the chef at the masterclass recommends doing things this way?

..and to know the answers to these questions... To find these answers, you need to understand the chemistry and physics of pastry ingredients and processes, have a clear classification of basic pastry products in mind, and understand what basic recipes and preparation techniques for different products look like.

...and to make your life easier. Knowing pastry science makes it much easier for a pastry chef to work in practice! And it is precisely these fundamental knowledge in a simple and convenient format that we provide at our school.
Julia Bakova
School Founder and Pastry Chef Instructor
Pastry science
The Science of Pastry Ingredients and Processes
online course
Deep dive into sugars, proteins, fats, eggs, flour, chocolate, leavening and gelling agents
9 video lectures 2-2.5 hours each, long reads and presentations, Q&A sessions, lab work
The Science of Pastry Products
online course
or individual lectures
Detailed cover of formulas and processes for sponge cakes, shortbread dough, yeast dough, shoux pastry dough, creams, mousse cakes, small pastry items, desserts for restaurants and cafes
9 video lectures 2-2.5 hours each, long reads and presentations, Q&A sessions
Classification of gingerbread types, analysis of recipes for gingerbreads and gingerbread cookies, step-by-step preparation techniques, nuances of ingredient use, troubleshooting

3-hour video lecture, Q&A session, lab work

The Safe Kitchen
online course
The Science of Gingerbread
short online course
8 video lectures 2-3 hours each, Q&A sessions, homework
The fundamental principles of food safety and their step-by-step implementation in the kitchen for anyone who cooks at home, in cafes, or in small-scale production

Pastry Reference
Personal online consultations with the school's team.
Get answers to specific questions about product technology, solve kitchen or business problems, get an outsider's perspective on your project, and receive career development support as a pastry chef
Sponge Cakes Collection

10 master recipes + a chart to choose a particular sponge for a cake + a sheet to calculate your sponge cakes cost.
Simplify working with sponge cakes at home or in production. And always achieve guaranteed results!
Drop us a quick message along with your contact details via
We'll reach out to you, chat about your query, and figure out the best way to help!

Who are
courses for?
Our students are pastry chefs with varying levels of knowledge and experience. Here's what they've told us about their expectations:
Pastry novices
Why are these specific ingredients used in the recipe? Why do errors happen when substituting? Why these steps are suggested in the recipe? Why the chef at the masterclass recommends doing things this way?
Seasoned pastry professionals
They seek to organize their knowledge and experience, streamline their work, minimize errors, and reduce time and money spent on experiments
Amateur pastry chefs
They aim to broaden their pastry horizons, start working with new ingredients and products correctly from the outset, and skillfully adapt recipes
Professional chefs and food technologists
They're eager to explore new avenues, elevate their pastry game, and craft their own signature recipes
Pastry chefs in dietary restrictions
They want to learn about pastry ingredients' impact on health without any myths or scare tactics. Also, they aim to understand how ingredients function in classic recipes and what substitutions are possible
Pastry ingredient and equipment distributors
They want to better understand what they're selling and how pastry chefs will work with it
What do our students gain as
a result?
Foundational knowledge and skills
You'll get solid, up-to-date knowledge about the science of ingredients, techniques, and products, and you'll put them into practice
Broader picture
You'll dive into the history, production process, and how pastry ingredients affect health
A deep understanding of pastry making
This will make it easier and faster to excel in hands-on workshops and courses, dissect recipes from books, and craft your own
A team of like-minded pastry chefs
You'll meet and chat with fellow colleagues in a relaxed environment through the course chat
Boost for grow
You'll feel more confident, energized, and eager to keep pushing forward in what you love
Digital certificate
You'll get a course completion certificate both in Russian and English
Why learn pastry science with us?
Foundational knowledge and skills
All the necessary knowledge in one place, accessible language, infographics, checklists
You won't have to piece together information from various sources or dig through a chemistry textbook additionaly

Connecting theory with practice
Connecting theory with practice. Practical examples, thought-provoking questions, quizzes, and lab assignments
You'll grasp the theory better through homework tasks
Support and feedback
Answers to your questions in comments section to each lesson, a student chat
If something isn't clear, you can always ask the school's instructors and technologists, and discuss it with classmates
It's comfortable
Easy-to-use learning platform, helpful tech support, and relaxed atmosphere
You can watch lessons, ask questions, and do assignments anytime, anywhere, from your laptop or smartphone
A team of pros
Pastry instructors, accomplished practitioners, food technologists, and adult education specialists
You'll learn from passionate instructors following a program specifically designed for online learning
7 years with you
Our first online course on theory in Russian, boasting over 1000 graduates
You'll get content that's been tried and tested, and continuously refreshed based on feedback from our alumni.
Our team
Julia Bakova
School Founder, Pastry Chef Instructor
✦ Pastry Chef Instructor ✦ Diploma holder in Restaurant Management ✦ Previously a pastry decorator, co-owner and brand pastry chef at a pastry production business, and head pastry instructor at Swissam Business School in St. Petersburg ✦ Main specializations - pastry science, desserts for people with dietary restrictions
Yana Komarovskaya
School Founder and Instructor
Chef and Restaurant Management Specialist ✦ Adult Education Specialist ✦ Previously an Account Director in advertising and IT, co-owner of a pastry production business ✦ Main specializations - adult education, culinary history and food safety

Tatyana Smirnova
School Food Science Consultant and Instructor
Diploma holder in Food Science ✦ Previously the Head of a bakery production ✦ Currently the Head Baker at an artisan bakery and Consultant for bakery and confectionery productions ✦ Main specializations - pastry science
Student reviews
  • Galina Podobnaya
    I stumbled upon an interview with Julia by chance on the internet, she intrigued me, I followed the link to Instagram, and that was it, I was hooked. I really wanted such education: professional, knowledgeable, responsible, honest... I didn't hesitate for a moment, I immediately wrote to Julia. The response came right away, warm and friendly. And I wasn't disappointed. Not for a second!

    A concentration of information and knowledge presented through the prism of personal experience. Everything is very structured, clear, understandable, and, if I may say so, the course 'grooms the brains' correctly, providing a key to a completely different understanding of processes. Throughout the entire study and communication, there was constant attention and care. In terms of education - this is the best thing that happened on my 'pastry path'. You are the best! Thank you for the idea, its excellent implementation, friendship, communication, and for being who you are!

  • Valentina Kitaeva
    What I liked about the courses:
    1. Excellent organization of the learning process for adults.
    2. Modern learning format.
    3. Pedagogically well-structured learning process: well-designed presentations that do not replace video lectures; a knowledgeable lecturer who is pleasant to listen to and delicately expresses their position. Examination of topics from historical and international perspectives. Knowledge assimilation checks (tests) and help in development of skills (lab work). Activation of thinking processes at each step, even in the food history part of the course.
    4. Time management compliance: sufficient time for studying and reviewing the material.
    5. Quality feedback availability: clear, understandable responses to learners' questions.
  • Daria Cherkasova
    I wish everyone started their journey into the world of pastry arts with your courses because they provide an understanding of what happens in desserts, which is crucial!

    After all the courses, you come out feeling fulfilled, eagerly awaiting continuation, and wanting to stay here as long as possible. You realize that there are people here whom you dream of learning from, regardless of what they teach, simply because they do it so openly, professionally, and engagingly.

    Personal interaction with professionals instills belief in what they share and respect. The energy and desire of each teacher to give and share, to tell everything they know, to answer questions, to support. Cheerfulness and pleasant interaction! Realizing that the primary goal is not money, but rather assistance, education, again, giving back, which returns with a crowd of satisfied and smiling students.
  • Anna Frolova
    I learned a lot of new things about working with ingredients, about products, about how to properly prepare various pastry items. I really like the approach of the instructors - to study several sources, provide information, and guide reflection. So that we don't just accept and remember, but learn to think and to hear other opinions
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